Introducing Joe Bailey, author of The Life Journey of a Good Man

“My latest novel is called The Life Journey of a Good Man. It is actually the third book I’ve published. But, my first books were completely self-published. After dealing with Outskirts Press, I found the perfect method for publishing. My first books have sold fairly well, but I was never able to get them in markets such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Booksamillion. Outskirts has done this for me. I started writing after having to retire early because of injuries sustained in an auto accident. I started writing to shed some of the boredom that comes from living with physical disability. Now I have a new lease on life! I have other novels I hope to publish in the coming months and years and I will use Outskirts Press for them as well!”

Joe Bailey has walked many steps across the same country as Zeke Barlow. Joe is a retired pastor and been a cattleman, gunsmith and salesman. He is the father of four and the grandfather of four. Joe has been married to his wife and best friend for 37 years.

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Book description…

In his first 30 years of life, Zeke Barlow fills many roles. Provider for his mother and siblings, professional hunter, cowboy, stock detective, man hunter, soldier, husband, father and preacher. This book chronicles his journey.

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