Introducing Dave VanBuskirk, author of My Life With Death

“I was amazed at the simplicity of the publishing process, and grateful for the unlimited knowledge offered from everyone I came in contact with. I like the idea that every word printed is my own. The help with the custom cover was of extreme importance to me, as well as the enhanced interior. I could not have published my book without the help of Outskirts Press, and the follow up emails from the Marketing Coach are invaluable. Rest assured that my next book will also be published by Outskirts Press.”

During his thirty-two years as an Undertaker, Dave J. VanBuskirk has been involved with thousands of dead humans, including some of the most gruesome and grotesque looking bodies imaginable. Dave has been married to his best friend for over thirty-three years and lives in Southern California. Four men and two women call him Dad, and nine youngsters call him Grandpa. Dave is a graduate of the California College of Mortuary Science in Los Angeles, Class of September, 1973. Dave has published as a freelance writer for the Leatherneck Magazine.

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Book description…

The eternal darkness of death comes to every human. Whether it is the miscarriage of an imperfect, fertile egg, or the grim reaper coming to harvest our soul, we all enter into another world in an instant. It can happen at any time, from the moment of conception until well past the century mark. We all have our very own time to die. “My Life With Death” is a fast paced, firsthand account of one man’s journey as an undertaker. From David VanBuskirk’s accidental beginning as an ambulance driver, to the surprise ending, he takes his readers through some of the most memorable instances in his life while dealing with the injured, the dying, and the dead. Out of the thousands of experiences in his career, these are the incidents that will forever be etched into his memory. The story contains compelling accounts about Dave’s involvement with some of those dead human bodies, and their survivors. It contains his own observations, thoughts, and descriptions of how, when, and where death occurred. He relays his relationship to the circumstances, and to the part he played in the removal and disposition of those bodies. Dave’s intentions are to enlighten the reader about his profession: what undertakers do, the odd hours they work, and to let you know that those in the funeral industry are humans, also. Some of what he writes about is sad, some of it is humorous, and some of it is extremely gross. Dave tells about some of the mistakes he’s made in dealing with grieving families, and some of his embarrassing moments while conducting funeral services. He relays the humor attached to death, and the gruesome, grotesque looking bodies that he’s been forced to deal with. He also reveals some behind the scenes techniques involved in the preparation of dead human bodies. Dave explains, in vivid detail, how an autopsy is performed, and how the body is put back together by the embalmer.

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