Introducing Thaise Cavalcanti, author of The Envoy

“I thank you all at Outskirts Press especially during to the whole process of producing my book. Outskirts Press has a difference that I believe reflects in dedication and passion with which you work, empathy, the ability to understand the author and help you achieve your goals. I would like to thank you for the treatment I’ve had of all the team. I appreciate the attention that was given to me. I never thought I would have a special touch with a publisher. It is not simply a cold and professional contact. Outskirts Press created a situation very quiet and pleasant where authors usually are very tense, anxious and nervous, so thanks for your help in my publishing project from the beginning. I hope to publish another book with you.”

Thaise Cavalcanti, at 18 years of age, she was encouraged by friends to visit a modeling agency. She learned how to model almost a year after she went to college. Also, she took a course in Development Systems for Web and some time later she began working as a developer. A few years later, she fell in love with Design software, and decided to turn their passion into a profession. She was studying Visual Arts and is currently Director of Art and Interaction Design. Thaise’s other passion is writing fiction. Thaise always liked to develop her artistic side. In 2012, Thaise became interested in photography, and went from a simple admirasão for a hobby. She believes that life is what you do and no matter what you have, you do the best with it. She believes in hard work, with positive results. And that dreams can become reality.

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Book description…

This is a story of a happy family who had everything they want. Rich, nothing was too expensive for them. For years, everything was perfect: big houses, good travels and clothes. However, a birth can change it all. A beautiful and beloved boy, who is convicted of acts of past generations: Daniel. Her mother Lauren created him as a prince. All goes well until the tenth anniversary. Everything can change … and everything gets dark. The evil dwells Within the child to the prophecy says. “Good and evil never dies.” The boy is cursed. Ryan, Daniel’s father, came from a wealthy family. Lauren is the mother, who can do everything for Their children: Daniel and Lana, the youngest. However, Ryan’s father has a secret that will change the lives of four family member. After watching a number of deaths, Daniel can be traumatized. However, the boy is not like other children and seems to be normal. Almost normal. He is not able to demonstrate any feeling. He just does not care about anyone. Even his mother, who loves him more than everything. And in the end, Lauren and her love might be the only solution to save Daniel from the evil. With the help of two friends, Thomas and Sophie, Lauren will have the only chance for saving Daniel and the ones she loves. Will they find out what is wrong with the boy? A story full of avarice. Everyone can pay with the own life for past mistakes. Laments are not welcome and blood will be spilled.

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