Introducing Darshel Alexander, author of Thy Will Be Done

“Tina and Brie were great and pretty much held my hand all the way. Being a first time author of Thy Will Be Done was a scary task to undertake but Outskirts Press made it easy. Can’t wait to start my second book with Outskirts Press.”

Darshel Alexander is an author who answered the call of being a writer. This is a first in a trilogy of Claudia Waller, the lead character in Thy Will Be Done. Darshel Alexander is a married mother of five and lives with her husband in Virginia Beach, VA.

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Book description…

Life is complicated enough for Claudia Waller; an insurance claims adjuster who loves her husband but feels there is something missing. As she turns 50, life is on autopilot until a series of events causes her to doubt her marriage, lose trust in her family and face the devastating loss of a loved one from an unmerciful killer – Mesothelioma. Claudia faces the possibility of having an affair while seeing her family for who they really are when the dollar signs from an estate changes everything she has known to be true. Life will never be the same, and, maybe, it’s for the best.

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