Introducing Nadi Williams, author of Seal the Deal

“My experience with Outskirts Press has been nothing less than remarkable. Four days after I submitted my manuscript, I learned that it had been selected for publication. Immediately, the support began to pour in. It started with Jamie. She walked me step-by-step through the process and answered every question in detail before passing me over to Laura who became my biggest cheerleader until the book was published. I believed that my book was great before submission. Outskirts Press confirmed that belief and are helping me convince others of this fact. Not only would I recommend this publishing company, I plan to use them again. So grateful our paths crossed.”

Nadi Williams received her bachelor degree from the University of San Diego. She has been working on her loving marital relationship for 26 years and is the mother of two adult children. As a military wife of 22 years, Nadi is known for her matchmaking ability and for helping others problem-solve relationship and parenting issues. Nadi has journeyed through obstacles in her own life and now seeks truth, compassion, and levels of understanding when choosing to move forward in forming and maintaining meaningful relationships.

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Book description…

While every relationship has its issues, only those who are willing to work at them-truthfully and without judging-can enjoy the successes that come with building them up. Seal the Deal is an intimate book about looking at one’s self and learning to accept the person in the mirror in order to facilitate healthy relationships with others. With examples from the author’s life, this book guides the reader through their own personal journey, allowing them to explore areas that they feel confident in and to examine other areas in their relationships that could use some work. Seal the Deal is an easy-to-follow, inspirational resource for those looking to improve and retain healthy, loving relationships with others. It shares the many reasons to love, to engage in a committed relationship with one person, and to build upon a solid foundation that can then be shared with others.

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