Introducing Rhonda Nichols, author of Treasure in the North Tower

“As it was my first time trying to publish a book, I was pretty much ignorant of how to go about it. Outskirts Press made publishing easy and affordable with the many options available, and the guidance they gave me along the way. Thanks again Outskirts Press for a job well done.”

Rhonda Nichols is a late bloomer in the field of novelists. Raising six children, singing Gospel music, and working as an LPN kept her far too busy. With the children now grown, she has embarked on this new path of ministry. Writing to share the truths of the Bible through thrilling, suspense stories. Be sure to watch for ensuing titles as her new career unfolds.

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Book description…

A story of love, loss, mystery, and intrigue in which Judith Hunter is able to define her own relationship with God, while helping FBI agent, Jack Connors, learn to trust in Him again. Jack’s wife was killed in an unsolved museum heist five years earlier, leaving Jack to cope with his loss by burying himself in his work. When the artifacts from the heist are discovered in the north tower of Judith’s new home, Jack begins to hope that Romans 8:28 is true.

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