Introducing Stephen Michael Jester II, author of The Jester King

“I want to express my satisfaction in my personal Outskirts experience. It was the best. The whole process was an education, yet it was fun and ultimately very simple. I would like to acknowledge and thank my production and marketing teams for all of their fine work. Without their help and expertise, my passion, my dream, my book would never have become a reality. So, thank you all, once again. I would definitely recommend Outskirts Press to prospective authors. I also look forward working with Outskirts for all my future endeavors.”

Born in Ventura, California in 1988, Stephen Michael Jester II is the youngest of seven siblings in a multi-ethnic family. While growing up and being educated in Port Hueneme, California, he discovered his passion for language and the written word. The author currently resides in Camarillo, California.

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Book description…

…born, died, re-born in the first twenty-three hours… …diagnosed with cerebral palsy and ulcerative colitis by age three… …feelings of anger, frustration, and depression… …times of happiness and joy… …GOD, Jesus, women…love-hate relationships… …a 14 year-old boy journeys to become a 21 year-old man… …a seven year slice of life, A Jester’s Life… …a life in poetry…

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