Introducing Len Carrier, author of Bet on the River

“After dealing with another press and waiting for months (with an eventual rejection), Outskirts came through and published my book. I hope other aspiring authors will take my experience as an example.”

Len Carrier was born in New Rochelle, NY. He is a former USAF Officer and a retired philosophy professor. He now divides his time between North Carolina and Florida when he isn’t travelling to foreign countries with his wife Claire. This is his first full-length work of fiction.

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Book description…

Retired CIA agent Matt Krim, still grieving over the death of his wife, is suddenly swept into a vortex of political forces over which he has little control. Relying only on the analytical skills he honed during his years as a CIA operative, along with his innate sense of justice, Matt must unravel the myriad problems that beset him as well as fighting his own inner demons.

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