Introducing Mildred M. Stokes, author of Romancing the Beautiful Divine

“If your hope and prayer is to birth forth the vision to become an accomplished author, Outskirts Press is the place to begin! My author representative partnered with me and always maintained a sincere level of commitment to deliver a final product on my terms. I am absolutely amazed at the response I get from everyone-without exaggeration-when they lay eyes on my book. People tingle with surprise and warmth as they comment on how effectively the graphics compliment the theme so uniquely. It opens doors, too! Within just several weeks out of the starting gate, I have done a radio broadcast book interview in a major market, have conducted a workshop, and already lining up to do book chats, book club features and vend at upcoming conferences. Romancing the Beautiful Divine, A Joy Embrace Story Devotional is gaining visibility in a variety of settings. Yes, I’m working hard. But I’m having the time of my life! Thank you OP.”

Mildred M. Stokes is an author, health and wellness promoter, and motivational speaker for Joy Embrace Ministries. The emphasis of the ministry invites you to stretch beyond unfulfillment and enter into a refreshing lifestyle of renewing contentment and destiny’s promise. She is the founder of SunJoy Ventures, LLC-a company whose empowerment mission centers upon building mindful, lifestyle changes along pathways that capture the balance of complete wellness. Mildred’s inspirational writings have been featured in the FBCG Grace Magazine, a publication for today’s women of faith, hope and great expectations. Romancing the Beautiful Divine is her first book.

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Book description…

Get comfy and prepare to take a healing and inspirational journey-one that will take you over life’s hurdles and bless you jubilantly along the way! Romancing the Beautiful Divine is a passionate and thought-provoking story devotional designed to help you uncover the abundance of self-worth God has for you and the courage you will need to run the distance with it. If you’re hungering for insight and healing-seeking confirmation that there is a destiny calling set in place for you-this devotional will move you through the uncertainties and self-doubts that can linger and hold you captive. This collection of pivotal life moments and spiritual insights will empower and refresh you in the glory of God’s favor and loving embrace. Each chapter ends with an engaging challenge and prayerful reflection.

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