Introducing Barbara A. Cefalu, author of The Adventures of Patty-Cat, Kittle, and the Prince of Peace

“Many, many thanks to you and staff for your help, your expert advice and every good thing.  And my thanks to you all. You have been so splendid. I am impressed with everyone at Outskirts Press, so very kind and helpful, and always willing to do whatever needs to be done, to do that extra something! I am so grateful to you.”

Barbara A. Cefalu is a musician/composer/author who has written several musicals and plays. The Adventures Of Patty-Cat And Kittle is not only a book with Illustrations by Emmanuel Saltis and Storyline Edits & Storyboard by Skyler Dennon, the team has turned it into a staged musical with a CD of the songs also available. Barbara lives with her cat, Puddy, in Florida, while the rest of the creative team reside in San Diego, CA.

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Book description…

Excitement is running high at 112 Liver Lane, where Angel, and her two kittens, Patty-Cat and Kittle, are preparing for the holiday season. Cousin Fred and his mother, Sunny, are expected to visit, there’s baking to be done, gifts to wrap, a tree to decorate. Of course, first they need to get a tree. A Christmas parade is planned for the residents of Katville. The mayor and dignitaries will attend and friends will be in the parade. Just to prove that few things go smoothly a grinding noise shatters nerves; plaster and dirt fill the air, and … horror, of horrors, that impish elf, Grimsby appears, creating turmoil and scattering debris everywhere. Fortunately this time he brings a tree and of course it has to be decorated. The annoying resident spider, Miss Wilma Weaver, likes to stir up things, and the two sheep dogs, Hal and Sam, romp through the season, as joyfully and stupid and rambunctious as ever. Two new kittens come to town, one unhappy feisty one and another who was cruelly abandoned. Miss Maisey and Miss Katty-Kat, sisters who live next door at 114 Liver Lane, receive an unexpected but cherished Christmas gift and the animals all gather for the solemn Midnight event. If you are curious as to how the two sisters become kind and happy, (quite an about-face), or if you want to find out how everything ends, or if you just want a good read, try this book.

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