Introducing Dawn Alexander, author of Secrets of the Speckled Oak

“What a wonderful experience it was to have my very first book published. I honestly did not know how to go through the process of publication, however, my author rep was always right there to answer any questions I had and steer me into the right direction. Now, my book is available worldwide and that is an amazing feeling! Thank you so much Outskirts Press!”

Dawn Alexander was born to loving Southern Baptist parents from Mississippi. Dawn graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She now teaches children (including her own son) with a variety of disabilities in a Special Education classroom. Dawn still resides in Mississippi and is married to the love of her life. Together they raise their two beautiful boys, who are the lights of their lives! Dawn enjoys writing inspirational fiction stories, in hopes that the stories may help others in similar situations.

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Book description…

Laura Fields is the loving mother of two sons, Alex and Max, one of which has a handicapping condition. Laura relives extraordinarily happy times in her life such as falling in love, marriage, and the births of her two sons. She also reminisces on devastatingly heartbreaking family secrets she has so desperately aimed to protect her young sons from becoming aware. Laura realizes that she must find a way to explain the hardships of her life to her sons, and chooses to write her son Max a letter. Within this heart-centered letter, Laura encloses a special “treasure” for her sons. Max must read further into the letter to understand the “true meaning” of the so-called “treasure.” Laura strives to answer many questions Max has asked over his childhood years. Through Laura’s explanation of life’s ups and downs to her son, she aims to instill the realization even though life may not turn out exactly how you planned, does not mean that it may not turn out even better! With God’s Amazing Grace, along with the love of a cowboy by the name of Ryder, all of Laura’s prayers and wishes come true for herself but even more importantly for her two hearts, Alex and Max!

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