Introducing Louis Detweiler, author of Austin’s Story

“If I self-publish again, it will be through Outskirts Press. Thank you!”

Louis Detweiler lives in Northern Georgia. He has written another book and has published articles for the Gwinnett Forum in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He has a BS in Engineering and holds the FE engineering status. He holds the A+ and Net+ certifications. Despite his hard work in the engineering field he continuously works at writing. He has written a book called Forgiveness that will be published soon. Writing is a passion that compels him to keep developing his craft. Currently working in security, he devotes himself to church, wife, yard, hiking and kayaking to name a few interests.

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Book description…

Austin’s Story is heart-wrenching while truly inspiring. It has many facets containing humor and human tragedy that explore the human soul. This book is also inspired by input from Phillip Angelo Dickens. Austin travels from Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina leaving a legacy that touches the heart of many people. Austin brings out the heart of many to help a small boy who they identify with. His journey explores a side of life that many never see or hear about. We are not alone in this world and with God’s grace we get through it. Austin’s story touches on our need for government Medicaid, and the trials of foster care. Our nation treats its unfortunate far better than other countries and Austin’s life exemplifies this.

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