Introducing Sheryl H. Outlaw, author of Life After Death

“I searched for an affordable way to publish my book. And after reading some terrific reviews, I decided Outskirts Press was the company for me. They really are a great and affordable company, who lets the author be in control throughout the entire process. I was absolutely blown away when I saw the finished product. My book turned out to look amazing. In addition, even after my book was published, they continued to provide me with helpful ways to market my book and increase my sales by sending me marketing COACH emails. They really do offer high-quality products and amazing service at an awesome value. Thanks a lot Outskirts Press; you made my dream a reality!”

Sheryl H. Outlaw is a living testimony of God’s love, compassion and supernatural abilities. She is a registered nurse, with an Associate of Science in Nursing, from Gordon State College. She lives with her family in Georgia.

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Book description…

Sheryl and her father Garry always had a unique and special relationship…and ever since she was a little girl, Sheryl had been aware of her own intuition and sensitivity to things unseen. But neither of them could have guessed the ways in which their closeness and Sheryl’s attunement to the spirit world would manifest, through the grace of God. On the morning of December 18, 2012, about 12 a.m., Garry pulled over to the side of the road to rest, and suddenly died of cardiopulmonary arrest. In the weeks before his death, Sheryl had begun to experience supernatural occurrences, including precognitive dreams, and communications from spirits. After Garry’s death, Sheryl’s connection with the spirit world blossoms, as he continues to reach out to her and Sheryl quickly realizes that God has chosen both of them for a very special purpose. Life After Death: Us Forever is the fascinating and compelling story of a father and daughter who allowed Jesus into their hearts, accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, and watched as His amazing gifts changed their lives.

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