Introducing T.L. Needham, author of Kitty Claus

“I am and was very demanding and anxious to get this project done before Thanksgiving, since it is a Christmas book. Colleen was very patient with me and responsive… and most importantly, the book was published the day before Thanksgiving. So, I am thankful to Colleen and the entire team that worked on this book. Thanks!”

T.L. Needham has published several award-winning books, including When I Was a Child and a collection of poetry called Pesky Poems, in which Kitty Claus was originally published. Needham was also founder and publisher of Relocation/Realty UPDATE, a national news magazine on corporate relocation and real estate issues, and he was publisher and editor of Kansas City Parent magazine during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has also been a national speaker and trainer on real estate and relocation issues. Now retired, Needham lives in the Chicago area and writes full time. Kitty Claus is illustrated by Lizzy Dodig, a talented young artist and high school freshman. She has a wide variety of interests and talents, but illustrative art is her passion.

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Book description…

Can Kitty Claus, the meanest cat around, learn what Christmas is all about? On a snowy Christmas Eve, a fierce cat named Kitty Claws rules over a family of thin, starving mice, keeping them from the tempting treats left out for Santa. But when the father mouse rescues Kitty Claws from danger, their relationship is transformed from one of adversity to a new bond of mutual friendship and Christmas spirit. Kitty Claus is a delightful story-poem of transformation, courage, and righteous behavior. With beautiful illustrations and endearing characters, this book will be a treasured addition to any family’s library.

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