Introducing Neal M. Warren & Adam Lizakowski, authors of Old Songs

“This is the third book I’ve published through Outskirts Press and I’ve always been satisfied with the results. ‘Old Songs’ was unusual in that we had the poems translated to German for inclusion in the Frankfurt Book Fair. It was a grueling exercise and we really pushed the envelope to have it completed in time. It was and I’m looking forward to book 4. Thank you Jamie and thank you Outskirts Press.”

Neal M Warren – In 1966 to 1967, served his country in Vietnam.It wasn’t the most celebrated war that the U.S. participated in, but Neal didn’t have any experience with war, so it meant little to him since he saw it all on TV or at the movies.That was until 1967 when he learned what war was for both sides of any conflict. one by one he swallowed the many pills prescribed for his protracted pain he paused a moment to capture on his fingertip a solitary tear and breathing more deeply than he had in years, smelled the salty air, plucked a dandelion, and whispered… Adam Lizakowski was born in Poland but lived in the United States for over three decades. (He recently returned to Poland to continue his writing and teaching.) He is a poet, translator, essayist, and author of dozens of books. In 1990 he was awarded the Marek Hlasko. In 1996 he was awarded the first prize for “Notice from the San Francisco Bay” by the International Competition “Western fates of an immigrant’s diary from the years 1939-1989 in Poland. In 2008 he was awarded a prize for the best book of poems from the Polish Division of UNESCO. His pictures of Czeslaw Milosz, taken throughout 80’s and 90’s while he was living in San Francisco, are the focus of the gallery exhibition, American Corner in the Poland. Consulate General’s office in Krakow.

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Book description…

From War to Peace, A Powerful, Creative Product.

Old Songs A collaboration of two poets. The result is this collection of poetry that was created for only two, the poet and you. This being a book stemming from those pasts you’ll find a wide range topic within the pages. This is a book that covers years of interaction with the rest of humanity; up-close, distant, physical, depicted with colors or pencil. It includes what we saw, what we’re seeing, and imagining. A gift from our invisible muse, the excitement when on the head of a pin, the finished product bursts like seeds from a dandelion in a high wind. An extract of Adam’s: I have read about people who when about to finish their breakfast are a few thousand dollars richer than when they started to eat and me at my breakfast I sing joyfully first slice of bread a sip of tea.

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