Introducing Belinda Ellenberger, author of Time Warp Cousins

“I could never have been more pleased with any other company as I am with Outskirts Press. If I write another sequence to this book, I will make sure I once again have it published through your company. If you had a grade system from one to ten, ten being the best, you will definitely receive the 10. Another thing I truly appreciated about your company was that you never once gave me a hard sales pitch. You submitted the prices of everything and let me do my choosing. Thank you so very very much. I did so much enjoy having my book published through your company. I truly appreciate everyone that worked on my book.”

Belinda Ellenberger is a retired legal secretary and a part-time photographer who lives in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, with her husband, Cecil. She is also the author of “Cousins.”

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Book description…

Chase is determined to be a private investigator, and he’s been practicing his investigative skills on his brother, Chad Michael. Chase knows his brother is up to something, so while Chad Michael is at the dentist one day, Chase coerces his cousin Jacob to help him discover Chad Michael’s secrets. The cousins break into Chad Michael’s room and discover a secret room behind the bookshelves-and that’s where they find a disk hidden in the air conditioner vent. Not knowing what they have found, Chase accidentally presses a symbol that transports the boys into the freezing waters of the Mediterranean Sea-hundreds of years in the past. Follow these two adventurous cousins back in time as they are rescued from the sea by strange-looking men in an odd ship and then thrown into a dark room below deck. Are the men savage barbarians or awesome Viking warriors? And what do they really have planned for the “Time Warp Cousins?”

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