Introducing Gregory M. Juzwick, author of Carved Mountain War

“My experience with the people at Outskirts Press has been magnificent. Bridget and my publishing team are an asset to your company. Will see you soon for book 3 of the series!”

Gregory M. Juzwick was born in Florida and moved soon after to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gregory’s teenage years were spent in the Moon township area where he began dabbling with writing poetry, short stories and a novel he called “Phoenix 5” around the age of fifteen. He joined the U.S. Army to serve his country and then returned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began his retail jewelry career. He moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina, to assist his family with their Jewelry store.  The mountains and forest of the area were magnificent and rich with beauty and served as his inspiration as did the Pittsburgh region, for his series. He began writing his first book of the Guardians of the Hidden Lair series that he called, “Rising from the Ashes.” Gregory moved back to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area where he continued his retail sales career as well as continued his writing. The book, Rising from the Ashes was published and now, the much anticipated second book, “Carved Mountain War of the Guardians” of the Hidden Lair series has been published and the third book of the series will soon follow.

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Book description…

The Hidden Lair has flourished over the past months that have gone by. A government and new fighting groups have been formed. Teams are created to search outside the Hidden Lair for friends, family and needed supplies. A team is formed of the best of the guardians to search the outer regions close to the Hidden Lair where useful assets are found and outer defenses are created to assist in the protection of the people. Word arrives that Matthews Military are on the move to destroy the people who escaped him at the border. A mission is devised for two men to go out to find out what Matthews is bringing to this battle and an attempt to infiltrate and sabotage whatever it could be. Things go bad and only one returns to the Lair as the fighters prepare for the massive fight ahead as they mourn the loss of one of their fellow guardians. Its recreated old style weapons against the armored vehicles of the military. The Guardians of the Hidden Lair will have to use all their abilities and tactics to overcome the impending doom of the Carved Mountain War!

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