Introducing Chansophy Anhaouy, author of From My Kitchen To Yours

“I would like to say thank you to everyone, at Outskirts Press, who have made my dream come true. I really like everyone at Outskirts Press. They are very nice and helpful. I was so thrilled when I received my book. I am so lucky to have Outskirts Press as my publisher, and definitely I will introduce my friends and family members who are writing now to Outskirts Press. Thank you again.”

After the Khmer Rouge War in 1979, Chansophy Anhaouy and her family went back to Phnom Penh and settled in Orusey Sangkat. Like many Cambodian families who survived the war, Anhaouy’s family worked hard to make ends meet. Anhaouy was a young teenager then, going to school at night and running a small local restaurant during the day. She loved cooking and at a very young age already knew how to create her own recipes using her exposure to Vietnamese, Laos, Chinese, and Cambodian food and cultures. Her dream was to become an accomplished chef and publish her recipes. Almost thirty years later, living in Everett, Washington, Anhaouy has transformed her dream into reality by sharing her intimate collection of recipes, From My Kitchen to Yours.

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Book description…

Chansophy Anhaouy presents an ambitious debut cookbook in which she shares her family recipes-Indo-Chinese recipes she’s developed to suit her family’s tastes. This book is easy to follow for novices as well as more experienced cooks. The cookbook also illustrates the chronicles of Cambodian traditions heavily influenced by the Indo-Chinese countries such as Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Heartily flavored, yet delicate and simple, these recipes are infused with rich ingredients such as lemongrass, fresh mint, lime, ginger, and other fresh Asian herbs. With a focus on health, Anhaouy has come up with recipes that are healthy, fresh, and simply delicious-from her kitchen to yours!

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