Introducing Jerry Uhlig, author of Cutting the Rope

“Outskirts is a great publishing company. They worked hard to publish my novel in a timely and professional manner. The only slow part of the process was me pouring over the proofs. Thanks, Lisa, for an outstanding job of bringing my lifelong dream to fruition.”

Jerry Uhlig grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, ventured to Missouri to graduate from Ozark Christian College, and settled in Alaska. He hunts bear, dipnets salmon, and fishes for trout. A full-time volunteer under Youth With A Mission, Jerry has also worked as a teen counselor and a high school football coach. He resides in Homer, Alaska with his wife, two sons, and daughter. He camps out in the front yard when he can’t get across the bay for adventure. Jerry secretly hopes to build a log cabin some day.

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Book description…

Ronin is a risk-taker. Gunner is a teddy bear. Their friendship is forged on the football field and in the forests, through pranks and predicaments. Nothing can separate these die-hard buddies. Eager to take on any challenge, the seventeen-year-olds handcraft a canoe and launch their senior summer. When they attempt to rescue a girl floating toward a treacherous waterfall, the lighthearted trip ends in tragedy. The survivors somehow carry on, haunted by guilt. But will they learn to choose forgiveness before another life is lost?

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