Introducing Lonneice Weeks-Badley, author of Mind Games

“Outskirts Press and Team Leaders, you’re the best. I send you my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you all for a great job. It was a great adventure. Thanks so very much for helping me to present these writings from (Mind Games: Others Thoughts Inside Of Me) to the market place and yes! we worked together as a winning team. My sincere thanks to the whole “OP” team and therefore, I present to you The Award Of Appreciation.”

Lonneice Weeks-Badley was born in Manhatten, NY but now resides in Edison, New Jersey. The mother of two daughters, proud grandmother of four, and great granddaughter of one, I am a Minister of the Gospel Entrepreneur, Published Author, and Owner and CEO of Rajahnes Gifted Hands At Work. She is currently working on her second book. Glory to God He has helped her to survive two major diseases; Ovarian Cancer and Liver Disease, but God held her up through it all. Her life was spared and YES indeed the Lord had work for her to do and that was to encourage and share His Love that’s in her through books that are inspired by the Holy Spirit that will give His people encouragement and hope for a brighter life filled with love and a smile. All Glory to God….Praise the Lord!

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Book description…

“Mind Games” is a book of poetry; once you read it, you will realize that these are the things or people, controlling the mind. Why? We allow them too. There’s one that destroys or hate us and the other that reveals Love for us. This book will not only teach us how to gain faith, but how to tap into the deepest depth or the darkness of our mind. It also helps us to clear our mind of all hurts and pains. Allow the inner “Being” Holy Spirit to help you to be FREE. Some of these poems will make you laugh and some will make you cry…Here’s your sneak views, a poem of tricks being played with the mind, in “Mind Games” there’s one looking for happiness in “In My Doings.” One that thinks they’re dying in “Drifting Away” and lastly “Secrets Secrets” is a different spin. It’s from a child’s perspective of one’s mind. It’s time for us to be transformed and restored in the mind and let us trust and be strong in the Lord for his thoughts are better than ours. 20% of the profits will be placed in a special account for battered women shelters when needed. This is and honor for me to receive this special gift from God and be able to pass it forward to those that are hurting. I’m happy to present this from my heart of love to help the women have a smile in their heart. God’s Blessings and favor to all that read and apply the helpful advice that’s written to you as poems in “Mind Games” to your life daily. One Love=His Love forever in us to encourage and share with each other in love daily…

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