Introducing Philomene Koya, author of Stories from the Central African Republic

“I am the author of ‘Stories from the Central African Republic.’ I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work, your encouragement and your advices. I am so excited when I saw for the first time the copies of my book. I don’t know how to thank you enough for the fantastic job well done. I will definitely continue to publish the next volumes of my book with Outskirts Press.”

Philomene Koya is from the Central African Republic. She graduated from PIGIER Institute in Greece and France with a degree in Administration and Computer, and lives with her two children in Maryland. Co-Author Biography: Henriette Ngardena was born in Central African Republic. She moved to Maryland in 1982. Her passion is storytelling to small children. Co-Author Biography: Justin Mongosso is from the Central African Republic. He has a special window into the life and culture of central African people through the rich life of storytelling.

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Book description…

Every story in this book teaches lessons about life. All the stories are well written with details that capture the reader’s attention. Every reader will find the stories in this book very fascinating due to the originality of each story.

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