Introducing Robin Lalande Lee, author of Don’t Cry Until It’s Over

“I can truly say my experience with Outskirts has been phenomenal. Just knowing that there is a company that is legitimate and not a scam is a plus. So many people have the gift to write and would like to have their works published and can afford the payment plans that range in different amount is wonderful. You supply no pressure at all. I was always able to communicate with my Author Rep who was warm and nurturing. Kudos to Outskirts. I am working on other projects that will require me to continue to use your company.”

Robin Lalande Lee never leaves a pot unstirred and contributes this to living life and not allowing life to live her. Growing up in a world faced with trials and triumphs has allowed her to be herself and be real.She believes that all people are here for a purpose and we all have gifts and talents.Don’t be afraid to try and then fail because the real failing is when you don’t try. Failure for me is not an option that I purposely set for my life. I am also the author of the meeting cards collection “REIL Cards” (Reaching Everyone’s Inner Life) cards that meet you at your point of need in life, offering courage and encouragement. Being raised in the Bronx, New York, I now spend my quiet years in Virginia with my children and grandchildren.

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Book description…

When Madelon Jacobs gets caught back up into the world of crack and alcohol her 14 year old daughter Marlee is forced to care for her 3 younger siblings. The children are faced with all types of obstacles and setbacks because of their mother’s addiction. Thank God there is that ram in the bush, a homeless woman named Miss Ethel who offered love and hope. Teaching the children that God is in control and he would not leave or forsake. For the tears we shed of sorrow can be transformed into a better tomorrow.

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