Introducing Denes McIntosh, author of Wilderness

“It has been a pleasure working with Jenny, and I would hope to be able to work with her again on my next book.”

A prolific songwriter, recording artist, poet, and cultural blogger (Coyote Tracks), Denes McIntosh is a contemplative thinker and observer of the human condition, illuminating the obvious, as well as the obscure. His perspective consistently serves as a filter for the noise and distraction that life too frequently assaults our senses with. Denes McIntosh – P.O. Box 721, Georgetown, CA 95634, Email:

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Book description…

“The first time I read ‘Wilderness’ I kept reading because I couldn’t wait to see what happens with the characters. The second time I read it for the sheer pleasure of the writing. Anybody reading it once is definitely going to want to read it again.”

“The gradual regeneration of the human spirit following the brutality of the ‘incident’ renewed my faith in others, and in myself.” “Poetic, prosaic, insightful, getting to the heart of the human condition.” “Harlen McCoy had me at ‘raking the invisible leaves’, and kept me with ‘wanting to hire a Judge Judy impersonator from Craigslist to come over and take a bath.'” “‘Kevin wore the same kind of shirt every day of his life, but with different colored sleeves’? We need more Kevins.” “A story of faith, not prescription, or formula faith, but the kind that enables love to find a willing host.” “The women in this novel are women I want to get to know. The men are the friends I wish I had.” “Your description of Pastor Blauer is an Edward Hopper painting in words (‘He’s about 5’6″ tall, with a cheap haircut, and usually wearing a powder blue suit. Sometimes he wears a brown polyester suit, kind of shiny from age. Makes him look upholstered, like an old hide-a-bed, or a couch you might keep out in the carport’).” “I like that David watches Tom and Tracy Morgan through their window in the evening from his rooftop. I like that Tom sits on his couch naked. And I like that he doesn’t care who’s watching. If I were a character in the book I’d be Tom Morgan.” “Made me look at my own wilderness.” “Sexy and romantic. I wish Gina would dangle her hush-puppy in my café.” “Stimulated more discussion with my husband than any book we’ve ever read together.”

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