Introducing Lawrence Hinkle, author of Pursuing Excellence In Youth Coaching

I just had a book published through Outskirts Press. I am writing let you know how pleased I was in working with Brie. She assisted me throughout the actual publication process with quick responses to questions and perfect results. I was a bit frustrated at times during the process of getting my book ready for Brie’s area but once it was there, things went very smoothly and in a timely manner. Again, it was a real pleasure in working with her. She is most certainly, an asset to your organization.

Lawrence Hinkle is a retired educator with 29 years of experience as both a teacher and administrator. During his time as an educator and coach, he served as tournament director for numerous wrestling tournaments at the both youth and high school levels. He also coached the sport of wrestling at the high school and collegiate level for 17 years and was named as the Coach of the Year at both levels. Mr. Hinkle has dedicated his life to teaching and coaching kids of all ages.

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Book description…

This book is specifically designed to meet the needs of youth coaches involved in one or more youth recreation sport activities. There is much more to coaching than just being a former athlete or knowing and understanding the plays, moves, and/or techniques of the game. There are many administrative and adult-to-adult communications that must take place both on and off the playing field – before, during and after a season. One must fully understand the types of individuals he/she will be working with: stakeholders such as participants, peers, parents, organization supervisors, and community members. Participants will be comprised of various age groups, sizes, and abilities (physical and intellectual), and in today’s society parents/guardians are very receptive to programs that are good for their children. This, of course, includes parents/guardians of children with disabilities. Just remember that there is always room for improvement and that is where this book can help. As the author, I make many suggestions and recommendations to coaches that will allow for on-going growth and success in whatever youth sport that they wish to coach. “Larry Hinkle’s handbook, ‘Pursuing Excellence in Youth Coaching: A Pathway To Success’ is must-read for all coaches of youth sports, especially for rookie coaches and for those considering a try at coaching young athletes. It is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of youth coaching, covering everything from code of ethics for all parties, to concussions, to bullying and hazing. I learned something new in the section on ‘The Role of a Culture Keeper,’ an excellent idea for all coaches. I highly recommend ‘Pursuing Excellence in Youth Coaching: A Pathway To Success’ as an easy-to-read handbook filled with valuable information in each section.” Mason Morenus Little League Baseball Coach assistant – 3 years Jr. High Football Coach – 5 years J.V. Baseball Coach – 2 years Varsity baseball Coach – 9 years High School Athletic Director – 19 years Adjunct Professor – SUNY Cortland – “Problems in High School Athletics” – 6 years “I have read the book and was very impressed … and think that it should be a handbook that all youth coaches use in their coaching pursuits.” Carl Koenig President of Upstate New York Chapter National Wrestling Hall of Fame “Often when a person becomes interested in coaching our youth, their main emphasis is on the particular X’s and O’s and techniques of the sport. My past 45 years as a coach, athletic director, and college administrator have convinced me that only 10-20 % of a coach’s time and effort is devoted to the specifics of the activity and the majority of effort is devoted to aspects of a successful youth program that are not considered by most people. Pursuing Excellence In Youth Coaching: A Pathway To Success is an excellent blueprint for comprehending those important those impotent Aspects that create successful youth programs.” Dennis “Putt” Moore Director of Physical Education and Integrated Health Community College of the Finger Lakes (retired) “I recommend this book for any new youth coaches, current youth coaches and as a great training resource for recreation departments that have paid and volunteer youth coaches.” Andrew Pierce Former Assistant Director of Dryden Recreation

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