Introducing Nyree Hayes, author of Close Enemies

“My experience with Outskirts Press was awesome! They made me feel so one-on-one all the way through till publishing. All in all, it’s a dream come true!”

Nyree Hayes is a self-published author from Little Rock, Arkansas, with Close Enemies being her first to be published. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. She currently resides in Maumelle, with dreams and goals of becoming a best-selling author.

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Book description…

OG is released from Prison!… OG has just done a four year prison bid for murder. Along with his brother Oil Can, he runs an organized street gang in Pine Bluff, Arkansas known as Trapstah Gangstas. Before leaving to do his prison stint, OG finds himself with a daughter and decides to change up his game. While he grew with his baby girl through visits, Oil Can held down Trapstah who was on top of the dope game. OG leaves prison with a college degree to add to his street savvy, and begins his plans with turning Trapstah legal. But someone from his past wants revenge and has other plans…for him!! Popcorn wants revenge!…. Popcorn is the new leader of the Eastside Pirus. Due to his brother’s death he was left in command and is known for his treacherous ways. He now wants revenge on OG for killing his brother. But with both gangs being on top, war was not an option. So Popcorn formulates the perfect scheme to get onside TG…And bring it down!…. Lamira and Jaden goes in!….. Lamira and Jaden are two friends with exotic bodies with faces to match. They’re also known for pulling capers and scheming drug dealers. They find themselves in the ultimate scheme when Popcorn sends them into TG. With Lamira on Oil Can and Jaden at OG, Lust, Trust, and good judgment becomes Close Enemies… With An Ending That Will Blow Your Mind!

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