Introducing Michael E. Dmytriw, author of NISfit II: The Fifth Horseman

“Before NISfit II was complete, I began searching for a publishing company to help me bring my dreams to fruition. Having used the services of another publisher for my first book, I was at a crossroads and had to make a decision; use Outskirts or my first company. I chose Outskirts Press and never looked back or regretted my decision. From my first contact with Outskirts to delivery of NISfit II, I received professional, courteous service. Every concern that I had was addressed and questions I had were answered expeditiously. The staff of Outskirts are collectively a credit to the publishing industry. Integrity and professionalism proliferate.”

Since retiring from the Marine Corps after more than twenty years of service, Michael E. Dmytriw and wife, Jeanne, settled in Aliso Viejo, California where they still enjoy life today.

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Book description…

Regardless of the station in life of the attendees, these meetings always have the tendency to take on the flavor of a southern Baptist revival. Bar none, with the exception of yours truly, every man and woman in the room has experienced God coming into their lives and showing them how to live. Please – give me a break! How important do these people think they are to assume that God has nothing better to do than to deal with their insignificant, worthless bullshit? Don’t they realize that when God closes one door – He really means it! It’s up to you to try to open the next one! At least that’s my take on this thing. There are massive problems developing everyday; wars between nations, holy wars between ideologies, murders, rape, theft and hostilities that go on for an inestimable time that God has to deal with. My diminutive issues as well as others are on the back burner, I’m sure.

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