Introducing John Wozniak, author of The Moment

“Outskirts was the perfect balance for someone like me, a chronic do-it-yourselfer with zero author experience. Everyone has been ‘hands-off’ when I was doing well and ready with a helping hand when I stumbled. Thanks so much!”

John Wozniak is an international trouble-shooter and problem-solver in a mechanical trade. His job requires him to constantly hit the books, seek out the experts, and reject misinformation in order to find true solutions. He was born into a religious family, but became an atheist in his teens. At the age of 21, he discovered he was misinformed and that God exists. He has since applied his trouble-shooting skills to life, love, God, and creation.

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Book description…

Cliff Montgomery was a confirmed atheist. He had extensively studied primitive peoples throughout the world, and he had witnessed bizarre rituals and supernatural events supposedly caused by their gods. Although greatly intrigued, he was not a believer in the spirit world. At least not until that bizarre world threatened to collide with his own. A tragic accident had taken Cliff’s beloved wife from him decades earlier, and now cancer was about to take his life. Suddenly the fear of what would happen to him after that flat-line moment overwhelmed him. Reincarnation, enlightenment, heaven, hell-it all became a cesspool of words in his mind. His soul tortured by uncertainty, Cliff determined to discover the truth of what lay beyond, and to ensure that he and his wife, a religious woman, would be reunited in the afterworld. But his window of opportunity was closing quickly. The Moment is more than a love story. It’s an intriguing foray into the minefield of religion-and the mysteries of life after death—that will have you evaluating your deepest beliefs.

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