Introducing Timothy O’Neil, author of So, What Else Did Jesus Say, Anyway?

“Tina, Justene, Jackie, and Heather are the women, with whom I had the most contact. They are, in two words, simply wonderful!”

Timothy O’Neil is a retired financial planner, an artist, former altar boy, deacon in the Presbyterian church, member of a great Episcopal church in Texas, and world traveler, having gone to Europe many times, Kenya, Peru, China, Tibet, and Cambodia. Tim O’Neil is pretty much an ordinary guy with a lively imagination and an open mind. He has been fascinated for years with the life of Jesus. So, he finally wrote a book about Jesus, Whom he DOES believe is the Son of God-or God Himself. Tim will get the answer to that question in the next life.

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Book description…

Jesus lived 33 years on this earth. The four main Gospels-Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John-can be read in about eight hours. From the time Jesus was twelve years old, when He and His family went to Jerusalem for Passover, till His first public miracle at the wedding in Cana, little is written about Him. Haven’t you ever wondered, what Jesus had to say about various topics of His day? Stories of the Old Testament-Samson, David and Goliath, Abraham, Solomon? What would He have said about issues, that are important in our time, such as gays and lesbians in the church, women in the church, financial obligations? Well, with this book, you can go back in time and listen in on conversations He could have had with a whole host of different people-His disciples, His brothers and sisters, Marcus, His Centurion friend, and, even, Satan himself after Jesus’ Resurrection. This book is ideal for lectures, discussions, plays-or for just plain reading. It can provide subject material for sermons-for those brave enough to use it! This book is an easy read. It contains lots of Biblical references and, even, some Chinese philosophy. The author hopes it will make your imagination soar a little.

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