Introducing Joan Walthers, author of The Fish Smuggler

“I truly enjoyed working with Outskirts Press. I did have a wonderful ‘meet-the-author’ experience with a group of fifth grade students. They loved ‘The Fish Smuggler’ as it was a story about their student teacher. It was such fun to share with them. My husband, one of the illustrators, was there also. The kids thought it was great. They were a great group of children.”

Joan Walthers is a retired teacher and principal who lives in Cedar Park, Texas. She and her husband have three children, eight grandchildren, and a black teacup poodle with an attitude. “The Fish Smuggler” is her first children’s book.

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Book description…

Sami is getting ready to go to college, and Fish is worried. There doesn’t seem to be room in her suitcase for his fishbowl! Fish loves Sami, and even though he doesn’t know what college is, he wants to go too. Will Sami leave Fish behind or figure out a way to smuggle him into school? Find out in this delightful new Fish tale!

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