Introducing Sabrina Blount Watson, author of When You Have to Be the Man

“This was my first published piece. Outskirts Press made this process very enjoyable. I can’t wait to begin on my next project with Outskirts. I highly recommend their professional and knowledgeable services to anyone who is considering publishing.”

Sabrina Blount Watson has earned a B.S. in Psychology, a M.A. in Education with years of experience as a teacher; she is currently a PhD candidate in Human Services specializing in Family Studies. She grew up in a single-parent home with a strong loving mother and although she is now a single-mother to her two children whose father is deceased; she believes that her life experiences have been her greatest teachers.

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Book description…

Single mothers are perfect for God. Imagine a people who are considered by many to be undesirable and disadvantaged because of their circumstances. What could God make of people like this? “When You Have to Be the Man” was written with single mothers in mind. It reveals the wonderful strength and human potential of women and mothers through grace given by the power of Jesus Christ. Making Christ all the man we’ll ever need. As you read through “When You Have to be the Man,” you will be challenged to open your heart and mind to the power of God in your own life. As God gives you understanding of your present, healing from your past and a clear direction for your future, allow Him to speak to you in love. Despite the criticism that has been directed at single mothers today, the time has come for women to let God be glorified through how we live our lives and how we raise our children with Him as the head. No longer should single mothers who desire to reflect the beauty and excellence of God be viewed as inferior or deprived but demonstrators of God’s ability to bless single mothers extraordinarily as we allow Him to be the Man in our lives. What extraordinary things can you expect when God becomes your Man?

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