Introducing Angel Musk, author of Essence of Time

“My overall experience working with Outskirts Press was positive and I will definitely use their services on my second book.”

Angel Musk graduated from Newport High School in Kentucky with an interest in early childhood education until switching paths pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Deciding to attempt her dream at writing she began creating short stories that grew into lengthy projects during her spare time. She dabbles in multiple genres such as historical romance, mysteries, and paranormal fiction. Her hobbies include camping, collecting snow globes, enjoying her five dogs, watching comedy and action movies, and listening to music. Currently she resides in Elsmere, Kentucky with her husband and three sons.

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Book description…

The story of Peter and Linda Willows’ romance blossomed within the eighteenth century in a town in Kentucky. A business opportunity led Peter, overseas to France leaving his pregnant wife to manage their farm until his return. During Peter’s visit, he quickly became friends with his french speaking guide when they got into a bit of trouble. Meanwhile at home, Linda, is longing for the return of her husband while preparing for the arrival of their first child. Tragedy strikes and Linda’s twin sister arrives from England to pick up the pieces. Upon Peter’s return he is stricken with grief which leads him to an empowering love that he never would have expected.

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