Introducing Brian Rini, author of Beer in the Bleachers

“The correction process only took two attempts which was very good for the size of the book. The timeliness of the book being published was very impressive.”

Brian Rini is a devout sports fan with baseball being his game of choice. He offers a modern perspective regarding the tradition-rich sport of Baseball based upon his research as well as his observation of countless games. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

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Book description…

While a multitude of books on Major League Baseball have been written by those within the industry, this book is the voice of an educated and opinionated fan. Included are comprehensive examinations of players, teams, and the game itself, with a chronological emphasis on the 1980 through 2013 seasons. Within these pages, bold and intriguing arguments are made on the topics of statistical analysis and strategy. Unorthodox tactics and elements are presented which could revolutionize the game if implemented. The presentation of new statistical categories offers readers an opportunity to compare contemporaries as well as the careers of baseball legends to modern stars utilizing new criteria. This book also serves as an alternative baseball almanac, as it chronicles over three decades of Major League Baseball listing leaders in new or obscure statistical categories, as well as identifying and analyzing various trends throughout the game. An array of lists, charts, and graphs enliven the text which will delight any stats junkie. Beer in the Bleachers examines various facets of America’s Pastime, including attendance, stadium design, and the much debated topic of the Hall of Fame, which has reached a crossroads due to the recent eligibilities of Steroid Era stars. Arguments regarding who should have won various awards and suggestions to improve the league are also presented. Beer in the Bleachers offers the viewpoint of a fan regarding where the game has been, where it is now, and where it may be headed in the near future.

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