Introducing Wayne Humphries Jr., author of A Holy War Within The Seven Day Protocol

“Outskirts Press gave me a chance to become an author by accepting my manuscript and preparing me for an adventure of a lifetime. The staff is fully conducted with help for your writing needs. I recommend Outskirts Press for any up & coming author that is trying to get published and distributed thru-out the world.”

Wayne Humphries Jr. was born in Michigan. From there, he graduated high school and went straight to college having a talent for music and business.

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Book description…

Unruly characters from an unknown kind participate in the art of life and death by doing normal and abnormal things to survive responsibility; through the 24 hour course of seven days; Pictator the Emperor discovers that his involvement with recording issues creates an epic of curiosity and confusion for those who didn’t realize a greater means of behavior during the leisure traits of reality, every step forward could lead into a good or bad situation as the record company prepares for a concert in the State of Michigan.

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