Introducing John G. Werner, author of Red Right Returning

“I can only imagine the agony and frustration involved had I opted to go the traditional literary agent/publicist route:  My novel would still have been just a dream.  In this day and age, Outskirts Press is the ONLY way to go. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate each and every one of you there.  No BS; just results!  Outskirts Press and the people who make it all happen are without a doubt one of the most professional, capable, and caring organizations with which I have ever had the pleasure of doing business.  Every penny I’ve spent with Outskirts Press has been money well-spent and a fraction of what I would have had to spend had I gone the traditional route.  Time is money, and the traditional route would have cost me ten times as much in time wasted.  I am one happy author, and I would recommend you to any existing or aspiring author who is currently wondering which way to go.  Thank you Jennifer, Jamie, Jackie, Lisa, and everybody at Outskirts who had a hand in making my novel a reality.  You are all THE BEST at what you do!”

John G. Werner II grew up on the Florida Gulf Coast. During his youth, he learned the waters in and around Pensacola through his father’s love of boats and the sea. Graduating in 1970 from Emory University, Mr. Werner worked as an instructional designer and systems documentation specialist in Atlanta for 24 years. After returning to Pensacola in 2003, Mr. Werner rekindled his own love of the sea and sailing by acquiring the Black Swan, a 43-foot C&C Landfall that took fourth in class in the 2010 Regata al Sol, a 54-year-old biannual race between Pensacola, Florida, and Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

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Book description…

What started as a carefree sailing holiday has ended in terror and disbelief for Stan and Emily Breedlove as they find themselves trapped and helpless in the dead of night, their boat buffeted without mercy by an angry sea and torrential winds. Stan now clings to life after being medevac’d to Trinity Regional Hospital. He is in a coma and not expected to live despite excellent care by the hospital’s diligent staff. The Countywide Police Department is convinced that Dr. Emily Breedlove, Stan’s wife of over thirty years, is responsible, and they don’t think she acted alone. Sgt. David O’Malley and his Countywide team are determined to discover the evidence that will prove them right. Paul Stempler, the Breedlove’s attorney, is racing against the clock to counter O’Malley’s efforts. Is his client innocent, or is she the victim of a multiple personality disorder? Stempler doesn’t have a clue and must rely on his skill and instincts in trusting an aging sea captain, his young first mate, and a small-town librarian to sort out the truth — a truth that will elude them until they can discover a way to pick apart the shroud of treachery and deceit that surrounds it. Set in the northwest Florida panhandle in and around Pensacola, Florida, and the Perdido Key-Gulf Shores area, Red Right Returning is a story of intrigue, deception, and providence that will keep you guessing to the very end.

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