Introducing Esi Olueh, author of The Genesis of Success

“The professionalism was superb. All my questions were answered and my overall publishing experience was a delight. I definitely will recommend Outskirts Press to anyone and everyone who desires the best in their publishing journey. The quality of the book cover exceeded my expectation. Outskirts Press is your bridge to excellence.”

Esi Olueh is an author, speaker and an associate minister at Living Christ Church in Tulare California. He is also the founder of Glorious Expression Ministries (GEM). Esi was born and raised in Nigeria where he declared the uncompromising gospel for more than a decade after he got saved in September 1992. In 2004 he relocated to the United States where he presently resides. He is married to his lovely wife Wendy and they are blessed with one son.

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Book description…

Success is not an event, neither is it located in a place. Many have traveled the globe to search for it but have met with disappointment. To succeed, you must stop searching and learn that success is a path that must be walked. Sprinters often quit this path because it can only be run with patience. On this path, speed is not a factor but adherence to the guiding principles will determine how fast you will go. But first, you must begin. “The Genesis of Success” is an eye opener, a flash light that illuminates seemingly tiny biblical truths that will usher you into God’s pathway to success. “The Genesis of Success” will unveil biblical truths like… God’s principle in setting order of precedence; Why it was important for light to top God’s list in the creation process; Identifying and working your work zone; How failing to plan is planning to fail; Explore the riveting truth of measuring your progress by a set standard instead of floating through life, hoping it works.

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