Introducing Nick Olsen, author of Inspirations of the Universe

“The Outskirts Press team is the ‘A-Team’ of publishers who worked hard every step of the way from beginning to end. The Outskirts Press Team was always quick to respond in true professional style. When I needed additional assistance, the Outskirts Team was there with patience and thoroughness. Thank you Outskirts Press for the outstanding job. You were the missing piece that helped me realize my dream!”

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Nick Olsen began his spiritual journey, seeking answers to the questions he had about his life, more than 12 years ago, shortly after his father passed away. He found that through meditation, he could find the peace, harmony, calmness, and answers he had been longing to achieve. Meditation gave him the focus and direction he was looking for in his life! Three years ago, the metaphysical or “The Universe” Nick, and “The Physical” Nick intersected into his present form of expression. “The Inspiration of the Universe” became a reality on the premise of bringing words of Hope, Encouragement, Unconditional Love, and Understanding to all. Nick hopes that the thoughts in this book help address your everyday struggles, challenges, and lead to answers to your life questions.

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Book description…

Truly meditative! Totally addictive! Filled with all kinds of instructions to help you walk your life-path. A must read for everyone regardless of where you are on your journey.

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