Introducing Archie Stanley, author of Journeys

“I am going to publish a second book.”

Archie Stanley is a professional engineer and surveyor with a lifetime of experience in mapping, geography, geology, mathematics, and science. He applies all these disciplines and skills to his hobbies of studying genealogy, evolution, ancient civilizations, and human cultures. He lives with his grandsons and extended family in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

Product description…

When Archie Stanley became interested in the National Geographic Genome Mapping Project, his imagination and memory were both inspired. After seeing the prehistoric and historical routes and migrations of his ancestors, he fully realized how important it is to know who you are, and where you come from. Journeys is his reference book for his grandsons, tracing their genealogy, heritage, and history. From the primordial swamp to the heraldic fields of England, from hunters and gatherers to Colonial settlers, from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam, Journeys weaves the distant past with the known past, and even gives predictions about the future of mankind. A seamless blend of science fiction, informed speculation, family archives and source material, DNA testing, and memory, Journeys is a testament to the bonds of family.

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