Introducing William Nitardy, author of Understanding The Anatomy of Evil

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William (Bill) Nitardy has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and was employed at 3M Company. His need to understand probability science was key to developing the profound concepts for this book. He has a passion for truth and justice. He lives in Florida with his wife Diane.

Product description…

The book examines the anatomy of evil in the realm of ideological and philosophical beliefs. This includes politics, culture, religion, science and law. It attempts to answer many questions by giving the reader a better understanding of all aspects of evil including stealth evils that are not even on our radar. Although the author uses many scriptural verses to support the book’s thesis, it does not simply rely on scripture, but relies on probability science and rationale to draw conclusions while showing consistency with and support of scripture. Although the author is convinced that the bible is the infallible Word of God and believes in biblical Christianity, he is very critical of denominational Christianity and other religions including pseudo-science and other religions that masquerade as secular entities. He believes that the rapid and virtually complete secularization of our society has only been possible because of the many false foundations that have been established and accepted as fact when they are completely false and destructive. Those false foundations justify and support many evils that have been and are being promoted in America. The book discusses the situation in which America finds itself where we are being destroyed and are near the point of no return. The book addresses the current political situation and the upcoming presidential election. The final chapter of the book is to encourage skeptics to believe the truth of the bible through rational evidence. Although this book should connect well with Christians, it is hoped that the rational approach taken would attract atheists, agnostics, and skeptics as well as pastors and religious leaders. Pastors and religious leaders are encouraged to teach the full council of God by relating scriptural principles to our evil culture and even go so far as to attack the false foundations that are making the gospel irrelevant or addressing the contaminated soil that prevents the gospel seeds from germinating.

One thought on “Introducing William Nitardy, author of Understanding The Anatomy of Evil

  1. I have been studying humanism, and to some degree the science of evolution, with a focus on these issues in Texas public schools. I am just a Christian on the journey, grappling with all kinds of issues! I could not find any information about you, the author of Understanding the Anatomy of Evil. Other than that you live in Florida with your wife. I am attending a Southern Baptist Church in Texas and am on disability, so I have much time and access to the internet. Just curious. I haven’t read all of your manuscript, but I have skimmed over it to familiarize myself with it. Would like to learn more about you! Your book is quite amazing!

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