Introducing Robert E.P. Elmer III, author of Join the Journey

“I’m never comfortable being in situations or circumstances that I’m not familiar with and publishing a book was certainly an experience that was new to me. Jamie and the other members of your team were patient, understanding, responsive and supportive. I still have to develop my best marketing strategy but I’m well on my way. I should also mention that when I spoke to other writers about publishing my book, they provided a number of options including Outskirts Press. After evaluating them all, you were clearly the option that provided the most value. Thank you.”

Mr. Elmer has been a Certified Master Trainer of Alzheimer’s care and a State Certified Senior Care Administrator for over 15 years. During that time he has managed four different communities for the care of those with Alzheimer’s dementia. He lectures at The University of Rhode Island College of Nursing and he has been a featured speaker at The Rhode Island Alzheimer’s Association Annual Caregiver Conference. Mr. Elmer also writes monthly articles on Alzheimer’s caregiving and he is featured on radio where caregivers learn from his daily “Memory Care Minutes.”

Product description…

This collection of articles is compiled to help all caregivers of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other dementias gain insight into the many do’s and don’ts of caregiving. Each chapter deals with a specific subject and provides caregivers with the unique perspective of a Certified Master Trainer and Certified Senior Care Administrator. The information also provides the caregivers with a better understanding of this insidious disease as well as how to improve their quality of life and the quality of life of the loved one(s) they are caring for. This book takes a non clinical approach and candidly discusses the nuances of caring for those with Alzheimer’s type dementia. Its focus is to help Formal and Informal caregivers become better informed and the best caregivers they can be.

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