Introducing Lawrence J. King, author of Crumbs

“Working with Outskirts Press to get my dream book Crumbs published was a tremendous experience. I learned a lot with the help and experience of Jerry, my Publishing Consultant, Elaine, my Author Representative and others in the process who helped to make Crumbs (Cousins, Relatives, Uncles, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters) a success. Everything in my process went well and on time.  I was so happy when I received the finished copy of Crumbs and had it in my hands. I look forward to working with Outskirts Press on my next book. Thanks to the wonderful people at Outskirts for helping to make my dream of becoming the author of Crumbs, a successful and enjoyable read for many.”

Lawrence J. King, is a first time author and life-long resident of Washington, DC. He enjoys real life stories, history, sports, music, family and friends.

Product description…

A tale of lives from a small country road to paved city streets of the nation’s most powerful city. Through difficult struggles surrounding lives of certain undervalued people who travel in a crumbling circle of uncertainty, broken promises, hunger and despair. Fresh minds spring with character, pride, joy and conviction that rough times don’t last forever. Damaged dreams with a strong heart, sense-full mind, endure in the eyes, minds and souls to gather ample crumbs of a normal life.

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