Introducing David Connell, author of Last Leaf To Fall

“Outskirts Press was a cut above other publishing companies, giving discretion to the author in the process.”

David Connell has a varied background and imagination. Currently he is a management instructor, and has worked to improve race relations. He resides in Severna Park, Maryland where he enjoys a passion for sailing. Other Books by David Connell: Toy Patriots, 2000; Not For Profit, 2005; Poverty Tale, 2007; A River’s Secret, 2009.

Product description…

A battleground desecrates nature and sets off vengeful spirits. Over the course of three centuries, persons living on the site experience atrocious happenings seemingly prompted by supernatural forces. Starting with ante-bellum slavery, proceeding through racial discrimination exercised after World War II and culminating with catastrophe in the Twenty-first century, ill effects come to the innocent and guilty alike daring to take on the Manor House. The story traces the metamorphosis of a field, site of a vicious hand-to-hand battle between British and American soldiers during the War of 1812, from tobacco plantation and Manor House to a waterfront jewel that captured hopes and dreams of its residents, only to fall eventually to cursed inhumanity. Characters are lovable and despicable, either inspired or drawn down by their humanity. Matilda the slave girl and daughter of a tribal chief endured the ignominy of slavery only to foster a heritage of pride and success. Ron Strickland, a combat Marine, survives jungles of the South Pacific to find even more enemies in racial hatred. Maggie and Jack O’Leary, yuppie land investors, fall prey to the influences of power, envy and greed. A common theme among all of them is the eerie atmosphere that infested the property.

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