Introducing Success Oyewole, author of Be Fruitful

“Bridget and her team are excellent people, very effective and swift in communication and they have made my second publication a quick success.”

Success Oyewole is a prophetess, missionary Intercessor and a Nurturer. She is called to equip women for strategic kingdom leadership through the discovery, developing and deploying of their gifts and calling for the liberation of families, church revival, and national transformation. She is the Chief Responsibility Officer (CRO) of Female Ministers Apostolic Network (FEMAN) and Women Global Mission (WGLOM) which is the outreach arm. She trains women for excellence in life, marriage and ministry through Female Leadership Academy (FLA). Author of many anointed books available around the world. She is married to Gbadegesin Emmanuel Oyewole and blessed with glorious children.

Product description…

Fruitfulness is the covenant heritage and trade mark of every believer and a profit of your connection to Jesus. The glory of a seed is the ability to show forth in bearing, more importantly God receives dividends when your life is bringing goodness to Him. Success Oyewole, by the grace of God has given a broader understanding of God’s purpose for fruit bearing. It’s an encompassing book for the chosen and among some of the things you will get to know as you read:

  • God’s covenant of fruitfulness
  • Understanding His purpose
  • Gaining spiritual height
  • Bearing fruit all rounds
  • Fruit of the womb as a reward
  • Strategic prayers

The breath of God is strong upon this work; you can not be barren.

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