Introducing Delores Walker-Burke, author of Unlocking the Principles of Psalms 23

“As I searched the internet for a publisher, I ran across Outskirts Press and based on the information, I chose you. My experience with Outskirt Press has been remarkable and outstanding. I could not have asked for a more caring and understanding team. Seeing my book for the very first time took my breath away. The conception of the book was one thing but the reality is unbelievable. I will definitely publish all subsequent books with Outskirt Press, as well as recommend your service to future authors. Thank you for your exemplary service!”

Delores Walker-Burke’s earnest desire has always been to be an instrument used by the unction of the Holy Ghost. She has demonstrated prophetic intercessory and a calling that is upon her life. Delores is anointed, insightful and a true ambassador for God’s Kingdom. She is a prolific writer. Her writings include soft-skill training modules, personal development programs and curriculum. As the founder and CEO of Dynamic Marketing Research, Inc., she has created a conglomerate of products and services that include greeting cards, medical services, fashion accessories designs and a non-profit organization “Hearts of Promise.” She possesses a heart to advocate for those of lesser strength and will power. She resides in Georgia, married and has two children. She faithfully serves New Birth Ministries of the PAW as the administrator.

Product description…

How would you rate your relationship with God? Are sincerely available? God is not looking for a one-night stand. He does not want to kick-it with you. He does not want to just hang-out with you. He is tired of pseudo-relationships; where you only connect with Him on Sundays or when it is convenient. He is looking for something that’s long-lasting. He wants your mind, body and soul. This book is all about helping God’s people reach higher heights and deeper depths through His word, prayer, fasting and faith; therefore, strengthening a stronger, healthier and effective relationship with Him by examining the heart of someone that God loved so dearly even in David’s state of imperfections and flaws. There are so many “Davids” out there that have accepted Christ as their Shepherd and Savior and know what it means to be rocked in the arms of a forgiving God. To understand David’s Psalms 23, a brief synopsis of his life is given to place various accounts of his life in perspective. You may have pondered many questions about David and hopefully some of them will be answered, which includes: his kingship, his flaws and frailties, family tragedies, successes as a warrior in relation to his relationship with God. How did God use that relationship to bring salvation to modern Christians? What characteristics did David demonstrate that would be most beneficial for us that would help us to propel into deeper intimacy with God? This book will open up your understanding concerning the new covenant and unleash principles that will grant you access to bountiful blessings of God by following the Davidic Model to Spiritual Intimacy. Seek Him and you shall find him!

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