Introducing Mir Ahmed Ali, author of The Two Shades Of One Faith

“It could not have been better. Thanks to all.”

Mir Ahmed Ali holds a MA Degree in Islamic History from the Punjab University in Pakistan. He also holds a Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance from The Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, London. He has served 22 years as a Contracts Manager with a German Ground Engineering firm in Saudi Arabia. Mir Ahmed Ali is also the author of ‘Prohibition of Usury’, a book that deals with Islamic and Jewish practices. He presently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the USA.

Product description…

“Fiat Lux ‘Let there be Light’ is what God commands, and there it is,” answered Gabriel (archangel Jibrial in Arabic) to Virgin Mary, when she questioned: “How can I bear a child when no man has touched me? If one did study Islam in depth, he or she would conclude that Muslims are closer to Jesus (pbh) when compared to various other Christian sects, unaffiliated Christians or Jews. Two Shades of One Faith takes a look at the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam in matters of ethics, logic, proselytization and co-operation at a time when an anti-Islamic smear campaign is at its peak worldwide. Biblical verses and quotations from the Qur’an are extensively used to illustrate and explain matters of discussion.

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