Introducing K.R. Cady, author of Road Girl

“I love OP and in particular all the support I received from Colleen. On my first marketing attempt, I have been invited to participate in a book festival at Barnes and Noble in Tucson. Thank you so much for my beautiful book and all the efforts of everyone who made this a reality.”

K.R. Cady is a nurse, teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother. Her goal as a Christian writer is to tell a story with hope as the ultimate purpose for all who read it. She lived in Alaska most of her life and currently resides in Arizona with her husband.

Product description…

Hazel E. Barnhill fled into the darkness, boots crunching in the snow, lungs filling with cold air. An image of her mom, head bowed over the kitchen table on folded arms, broke Hazel’s heart. These were the first moments of her life as a 16-year-old pregnant, emancipated teenager, although she didn’t know what that meant yet… Hazel’s remarkable journey begins when her friend Jack gives her a ride on the darkest night of her life. She encounters safe people and places and treacherous circumstances as she walks the road of young adulthood as a single mom. Along the way, she works, studies, nurses, loves, and struggles with loss. Redemption and healing play a big part in her journey, and with her faith in God, stubborn hope, and the good friends she meets along the way, there is never any doubt that this resilient young woman will go the distance. Road Girl is the inspirational story of a girl who learns to reconcile her past, embrace her future, and make her way out of the wilderness of abandonment and abuse.

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