Introducing Derold Bates, author of Three Steps To Success

I had a great experience as I went through the publishing procedures. Bridget and the others in each part of the publishing were extremely helpful and quick to answer my questions. I am pleased with the final results. Thank you. Thank you.

Derold “De” Bates is an educator who has unique insights into effective human relations skills. Being raised in a blended family of 17 children gave him many opportunities to study parent to child and child to child interactions. Formal training: BS, University of Utah; MS, University of Utah; ED.S, Idaho State University. He was an Elementary School teacher for 10 years in Magna, Utah, and an Elementary School Principal 26 years In Pocatello, Idaho. He taught in Qingdao University in Qingdao, China, and at Erdem Hotlogch College in Darkhan, Mongolia. Books he has written include: Discipline Made Easy and Keys to Success, for schools. And for parents, How to be a Parent in 3 Easy Steps. His popular presentations to the National Elementary School Principal’s Conventions, include “Discipline Made Easy,” “How to get Parents to do Their Jobs,” and Handling Hostile Humans.” He has taught discipline and parenting seminars in many of the Western United States and in Canada. He has taught Successful Parenting classes more than 10 years. He and his wife, Nyla have raised four children.

Product description…

Today many children leave home unprepared to succeed in the world they live in. Three Steps to Success takes stress out of parenting and puts fun in. We also help parents have more satisfaction in raising responsible, happy children.

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