Introducing Sondra L. Millard, author of Having A Meltdown!

“I learned so much through the process of writing my first book. Leona is fantastic! She helped me through technical issues and answered any questions I had. I hope that in the future I get to work with her again!”

Sondra Millard is a Kansas born and raised artist, quilter and fabric dyer. She learned to quilt from her 4th grade teacher, during snowy Kansas winters. She has been designing her own quilt patterns since 1997. In 2009, she began marketing her patterns to local quilt shops. She has designed quilt patterns for fabric designers and her dyed fabrics have been used in national award-winning quilts by various quilt artists. Her love of quilts, fabric and color led her to teaching and sharing her techniques which ultimately led to her writing this book and pouring her passion for color into her work as a quiltmaker.

Product description…

You will look forward to having a meltdown when you try Sondra’s easy, no-stress methods to create beautiful artisan fabrics with Procion fiber reactive dyes and ice. She has brought together her love of fabric dyeing and quilting to create a book packed with techniques, ideas and exciting quilt patterns! Learn how to manipulate large fabric pieces to create dramatic one-of-a-kind quilt backings and fabrics that will make your quilts sing out with beautiful color. Full color images and illustrations throughout the book enhance your learning experience with detailed instructions and patterns. Five exciting quilt patterns bursting with color. Ideas for wholecloth quilts. Fabric preparation. Fabric manipulation. Caring for dyed fabrics. Tips to help you achieve gorgeous blended color. **ATTENTION E-BOOK PURCHASERS** You can now purchase a companion instant download file of all the templates needed for the book quilt patterns by copying this link into your browser.

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