Introducing Cindy Oriol, author of If Only: When your life looks as if it is totally falling apart, hold tight to Jesus

“I just can’t wait for my readers to read this. I am so passionate about my book, my life and the miracles our Lord has performed. Thank you again for everything. Outskirt Press is a wonderful company and I will tell my friends they need to share their story, too.”

Cindy Oriol worked in the medical field for 35 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She dedicated her love to hospice, at one point caring for her own mother. She was an activity director for an Alzheimer’s unit, bringing back special memories for her patients by singing, dancing, and reminiscing. Cindy and her husband John have six beautiful daughters, eleven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, and their little dog Beau.

Product description…

When you are given an unbearable burden, what do you do? Author Cindy Oriol had to confront that question when a terrible fall injured her leg so badly that she ended up in a wheelchair for a year. For nearly four decades, Cindy had devoted herself to caring for others-her calling was working in hospice and with the elderly, comforting and cherishing during the most vulnerable times of her patients’ lives. But now she herself was in need of healing and mercy…and facing a crisis of faith in which she realized that although she had always tried to give her problems to the Lord, in reality she had taken them back, thinking she could handle them herself. Living in terrible pain, unable to see the way forward, Cindy despaired of ever being able to serve the Lord again-she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t work, and her finances were continual sources of worry. Cindy realized she had a path to follow and a story to tell when her sisters in Christ gave her a friendship basket with all kinds of gifts, including a journal. You and I are going to write a book, the Lord said to Cindy. We need the clay first, and I will mold it. Together we will make this our masterpiece. This book is the shining testimonial of Cindy’s surrender to Jesus’ healing, mercy, and grace. Humbled, grateful, and inspired, Cindy shares her personal story of crisis and rescue as she crawled to the foot of the Cross and gave her suffering to the Lord. Do you need a miracle? Are you looking for consolation? Do you feel lost and hopeless? Cindy has been there, and her story will show you that Jesus is waiting to take you into His loving arms and work miracles for you…If Only you give yourself to Him.

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