Introducing Leigh Ann Egli, author of The Music I Hear

“As a newcomer to publishing, I have been very pleased with how helpful my team has been. I have future books planned and I intend to stay with Outskirts Press.”

About Leigh Ann Egli: Nurse, quilter, orchid grower, music lover, ancient Egyptian history buff and child of the ’70’s, Leigh Ann’s wide variety of interests, sense of humor and spiritualism are reflected in her writing. She lives in south Texas with her family.

Product description…

This book has something for everyone, from how to’s to self-help to stories for children to fun walks down memory lane, all stitched together with candor, humor and spirituality. From “How Not To Grow Orchids”-Orchids are…”temperamental, spoiled little beasts that are the Goldilocks of the plant world.” From “Most Improved”-“…there were skills to be passed on the course. It looked more like stunts when it was my turn.” From “How To Teach A Child Faith (In A Photoshop World)”-“Show them evidence of God in everyday things; from the infinite patterns of diatoms to the vastness and beauty of the universe…” Here is a collection of some of my favorite and best essays meant to enlighten and entertain. I try to write what I like to read, something that I can enjoy that also teaches me. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy reading these stories. This is the music I hear.

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