Introducing Victor O. Okocha, author of Mysteries! Gems for a Fulfilling Life

“Outskirts Press made good on its promise that the author remains in charge of the entire process of publishing his/her book. I believe the marketing aspect will not be any different. I truly enjoyed an excellent relationship with a wonderful team. No doubt, my next book will be handled by Outskirts Press!”

Victor O. Okocha is also the author of ‘Manifesting for Global Impact;’ the book that is fully loaded with powerful revelations to revolutionize the world and reposition the end time church for greater impact. He is a man anointed and mandated to write and teach God’s word; which has the power to liberate and uplift men and women around the world to greatness in life. He is based in the United States of America. For contact, send your e-mails to

Product description…

Mysteries! can simply be described as a little book with great divine secrets for destiny actualization. This is a massive collection of divine secrets that have the ability to boost our capacity in the pursuit of destiny. The best way to benefit from it is to read, digest, discover, and act upon the revelations it carries. It can be your best companion for life and the best gift to a dear friend. These are original quotes by the author based on divine inspiration and personal experience.

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